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Oak is a sturdy, reliable hardwood that is found all over the Midwest where we live. It was commonly used in building barns, and is readily available here. We love salvaging wood, and both white oak and red oak bring a beauty and quality that we love. Each board is as unique as the tree that it came from, plus the added experience of its life outside the forest have served to turn it into something beyond beautiful. Explore our Oak boards below!
Oak Peg Looms - Weald & Wool

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  • Sheep make wool

    This is Sam the Ram, who has lived on Traci's farm most of his life. He is gentle and sweet and loves to eat treats out of your hand. Read more about happenings on the farm on Traci's blog From the Farm.

    From the Farm 
  • Wool makes art

    Whether it is art that goes on your wall or your couch or your back, the versatility of this renewable resource is unbounded. Read more about creating with wool on Case's blog In the Artist's Studio.

    In the Artist's Studio 
  • Art needs tools

    We spend just as much time in the woodshop ooo-ing and aah-ing over the beauty we find hidden under years of wear. Read more about it in our blog In the Woodshop.

    In the Woodshop 
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