Frequently Asked Questions

Is my product actually in stock?

Most items listed on the website are in stock, unless listed as a "pre-order" or any custom listing. 

Why do you use hardwoods?

We choose hardwoods because of both their durability and their innate beauty. We want your loom to last a lifetime. 

Where does your wood come from?

As often as possible, we salvage wood from old barns and graineries in our region because we think it is important that the story of these buildings carries on into the future. Other times, we may spot something special that doesn't have that history, but it sure is pretty. We pick those up from time to time, and you'll find those in our Specialty Wood Types section. We also get special requests for specific wood types, and are happy to fill those as well.

Do you make all the looms?

Yes, we do! All looms are crafted by hand in our woodshop by Case and Traci. 

What do the numbers on my loom mean?

Each loom is branded with the year it was made and its spot in the production line. So a board that reads 24-106 was the 106th loom made in 2024.

How do I care for my loom?

The last step in our process is to coat the loom in mineral oil to bring out all of the beautiful grain and patterning. Feel free to add on another layer at any point. Linseed oil is a good substitute. 

I lost some pegs. Can I get more?

Yes! We offer a small pack or a full set. You can find them here.

How much fiber do I need to make a rug on my peg loom?

The actual amount you need will depend on how densely you pack the fiber, but we find that 2 pounds of wool (either locks or roving) will make a 2'x3' rug. 

How do I know how much warp to use?

We recommend a simple formula: Desired length of your project x 2 + 8" . Feel free to add more than 8" if you would like - it takes more warp to tie those strings than you think it will, or if you want a longer fringe on your project.

What should I use for warp?

We really like cotton twine for wool projects, since it allows the wool to slide easily down the warp. We have some here.