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**Pre-order** -24" Goldilocks Peg Loom - Curly Maple

**Pre-order** -24" Goldilocks Peg Loom - Curly Maple

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24" Goldilocks Peg Loom - Curly Maple


Take a risk and unleash your creativity with the ancient art of peg loom weaving! This tool, said to predate the Viking era, is highly portable and simple to use for creating a wide range of woven items such as rugs, wall hangings, and more. Embrace this relaxing fiber craft and get ready to embark on a journey through time. The possibilities are limitless - from cozy blankets to stylish bags, let your imagination run wild! So, start weaving now and discover the endless adventures of this traditional technique.

This one of a kind 24" Goldilocks Peg Loom made from Curly Maple boasts the stunning and exquisite patterns of curly maple wood. This prized hardwood with its distinct character is sure to add an elegant touch to your weaving projects. Nothing wrong with using a beautiful tool to make beautiful things!

Our Goldilocks Peg Loom in Curly Maple is an absolute beauty! Featuring three rows of pegs, it offers the ultimate flexibility for all your project needs. The first row is perfect for lighter weft such as yarn, the middle row (which is the standard size on The OG) is ideal for roving and locks, and the last row is designed for heavier weft like core spun.


- pre-drilled loom in our distinctive shape
- pegs for every size hole, with 2 extra pegs
- sanding paper
- threading tool
- instruction sheet

Each board is unique and different. Photos are representative of our constantly changing stock. If you would like more or less knots/character, please leave a note at check out. If you would like to pick your specific board, put that in the notes as well, and we will email you a selection of boards.

As a final touch in creation, we add mineral oil to oil each board, which brings out all of the natural beauty hidden in the board. If you ever feel the need to spruce up your board, mineral oil is an affordable and easily accessible option that works wonders!

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Good to the last drop

We strive to use every piece of every board we get into our shop. This means not only do we sometimes have looms of non-standard sizing, but we also use the cut off pieces to create our tapestry looms, niddy noddys, and more.